The A-team take the victory

Auld heads Athletic A proved too strong on Monday night in the first tavern derby against stablemates Athletic B.

In the end the A team won the match before the doubles 6-1 making the last three games a formality.

Athletic A are now in a commanding position as the only team still on a 100% record.

In maybe two shocks of the night the in-form Boars and Hammy had to fight hard to win their last games just to secure draws against the Harbour Bar and the Vaults.

And after following way behind the leaders the mighty Vic are back to winning wins after defeating royal 8-2 to go fourth.

180s - S McCluskey; highest checkout- 96 D Harper.

Best darts - 16, 17 S Robertson; 18, 20 L Wilson; 18 W Roberts jnr; 2x19 S McCluskey; 19 J McCulloch; 19,21 S McCreadie; 20 D Harper; 20 W Roberts snr; 21 R Ashworth

Next week’s fixtures

Vaults v Athletic B

Athletic A v Hammy

Kings v Victory bar

Harbour v Royal

free week - Boarshead

League standings P PTS

Athletic A 5 10

Athletic B 5 7

Hammy 5 6

Victory Bar 4 5

Boarshead 5 4

Harbour bar 4 3

Vaults 4 3

Royal 4 1

Kings 4 0

(Hammy deducted a point)