The dark art of gamesmanship

Well, with all the weather being so very cold, little golf has been played but I am reliably informed that in the Turnberry Saturday medal C. Cuthbertson came in to win with a nett 77.

More than that I do not know, hopefully with the weather a little drier, if colder, I may have more golf to report next week.


Sam Snead, who will be well known to the older golfer, once commented ‘no matter what happens never give up a hole…In tossing in your cards after a bad beginning you also undermine your whole game, because to quit between tee and green is more habit forming than drinking a highball before breakfast’.

Well I don’t know about the latter part. but a golfer I do know on being down several holes usually starts telling jokes in the hope of distracting his opponent enough to pick up a few holes. I know that he would never toss his cards in as there was always someone out there on the course with a poorer score.


I was reading about the dark art of gamesmanship which you can legitimately employ or in other words they are not breaking the rules of golf.

1) Hit the drive a very long way then act as if you had mishit it. 2) If your opponent walks fast then walk really slowly appreciating the scenery, the flowers, the birds etc. If your opponent walks slowly then walk fast up to your ball and lean on your club casually waiting for him to reach his. You are just trying to upset his routine. 3) Any remark about your opponent’s technique is bound to put him off. A casual comment regarding his unusual his stance or back swing sets him thinking about it and just watch what then happens. Well those are some of the more innocuous ones, there are some much more malicious, but not to be divulged as yet, ones. So watch out to see if they are used against you.

Mind you if you play well you will not need any gamesmanship as he will be doing his hardest to keep up with you and no doubt overswinging or trying to hit the ball too hard for his ability. Mind you it is easy to ridicule golf and golfers, it is so simple to poke fun at the game and the amount of money we spend on equipment which usually makes little difference.

But wear the right clothing and you feel like a golfer, that is until you play your first tee shot. But always remember that no matter how well you drive or play your second shots you will have great difficulty in beating an opponent who is a good putter and regularly sinks long putts. That is very demoralising, but just enjoy playing the game.

lWell Ayr United lost 2-0 last Saturday to Dunfermline and unfortunately it appeared that Ayr’s defence fell asleep on more than one occasion.

You need a stout heart and lots of optimism to be an Ayr United supporter and with the crowds they get Ayr should do much better. But heigh ho! I suppose I will be there on Saturday to watch them take on Airdrie.