The weather continues to wreak havoc with golf

The weather still persists in holding up golf competitions and the Girvan Golf Club Match Secretary has put up a notice on the Club notice board to the effect that competitions will be played as per the fixture list and where this is not possible an alternative date will be arranged and displayed. It is therefore recommended that all Club members keep an eye on the Club notice board for dates of any fixtures that have been rearranged.

The Girvan Golf Club gents season opener is the Captain V Vice Captain fixture and this went ahead last Sunday with seventeen members gathering at the clubhouse to enjoy a Texas Scramble over sixteen holes followed by some light refreshments from Maggie’s Pantry after which there were games of pool and dominoes. The weather was mild with just a light smir of rain and Gregor Macintosh the Vice Captain and his team were the winners, but only just. I had the benefit of going out in a team who all hit the ball further than I can ever remember doing so myself, but that is the province of the young and nowadays I concentrate on keeping the ball on the fairway and practice chipping and putting. Not that it has improved by much, but it does get me round a few holes in respectable figures..

Out at Turnberry the Fenton Trophy, a foursome competition with partners arranged by ballot was played on Saturday 1st. March. This brought two very competent golfers together in the form of Jack Galloway and Ian Lawson who came in with the winning score to lift the trophy..


Back in 1900 H.L. Fitzpatrick recommended ‘Don’t tell the opponent to drive first (in match play) when you have won the toss for the honour. It is a confession of weakness’. There you are, I never thought of that and will take it into account should it ever happen to me. Mind you I may have first to point this out to my opponents as a form of one-upmanship.


Well, well I must bring this very unexpected result to your notice as nobody gave Ayr United a chance against an up and coming Stranraer. Well Ayr humped them 5-0 at home and were the better team throughout. My interpretation of this is that Ayr never gave Stranraer any time on the ball, closing them down very quickly and trying to be first to any loose ball. It was great to see, if only we had done that against Rangers. Well that still leaves us in the playoff section and let us hope we stay there. I cannot however let the mention of football pass this week without mentioning Albion Rovers. I do not think that I need to say anything else as I do not want to give the caddymaster any more grief .

Now just some little bits of trivia for you to ponder over. In April 1985 in a match at Ballochmyle Golf Club at the short ninth hole both Bert Campbell and Dave Young approached the green looking for their golf balls only to find them one on top of the other in the hole, both scoring a hole in one. I take it that they took it as a halfed hole and shared the cost in the bar afterwards. No quibbling over who had the ace first. Another thought is that during the Open at St. Andrews in 1957 a cat chased a mouse across the 18th. green whilst players were lining up their putts. No mention is made as to whether the cat caught the mouse, perhaps the cat was on the staff at St. Andrew helping to keep the mouse population down. There are always some strange facts surrounding golfers and golf courses, particularly this year with the weather playing havoc to all sports.

They say that this week we are going to have some good weather, so get out the clubs, give them a few waggles and go out and enjoy yourself