Three way battle for second place

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IN THE Girvan and district domino league this week league leaders Victory A triumphed over Victory B with a two-point lead, while the three-way battle for second place saw Commercial A, Athletic A, and Athletic B all win their fixtures by at least two points.

Middle-of-the-table players Harbour Bar had the night off, while the Boar’s Head suffered an unfortunate defeat at the hands of current third placers Vaults B with a 3-9 end score.

On March 15 Victory B take on Athletic B; the Boar’s Head go up against the Harbour Bar; Athletic A battle it out against Commercial A; Vaults A and Commercial B are thrown together; and Commercial C take on Victory A.

League standings:

Victory A 35

Commercial A 30

Athletic A 30

Athletic B 30

Vaults B 29

Harbour Bar 26

Commercial B 24

Vaults A 21

Victory B 20

Commercial C 19

Boar’s Head 16