Time to get physical

Graeme Eaglesham at Body Matters gym in Girvan.
Graeme Eaglesham at Body Matters gym in Girvan.

Graeme Eaglesham is starting to make his way in the world of men’s physique competitions after an injury curtailed his footballing career.

Whilst playing for Glenafton Juniors, Graeme suffered a cruciate ligament injury but soon joined Body Matters gym in Girvan as he discovered a new passion.

Initially Graeme says he was just doing it to work out.

“I joined Body Matters around this time last year as I wanted to start working out but over time it became apparent that I was developing a physique,” he said

“That’s when I started to train to compete in the men’s physique championships. It’s different to just regular body building and focuses more on muscularity and bulk.”

Graeme recovered fully from his cruciate ligament injury in January this year and that began an intense 16 week period where he dieted in order to get ready for the Scottish Championships which took place earlier this month.

He didn’t manage to get a podium place at the championships but still said he enjoyed himself.

“It was a great event to compete in and I enjoyed the experience and I’m definitely going to compete again in these events.”

Body Matters owner Jack Thomson was full of praise for Graeme who he has helped since he joined the gym.

“Graeme did fantastic in what was a tough competition and I’ve seen Graeme’s full potential from the start

“He’s in here training so often that I should start charging him rent.”

Graeme concluded: “Jack’s been a big help from the start and has been really supportive. Nothing is a problem to him and it’s great to have that. I’m fully focused on doing this.”