Two wins for Carrick chess club

Carrick Chess Club had a disappointing start to the season in division two losing to Largs 5-0 and to Kilmarnock Dragons 4-1, but this month they have notched up two wins.

The team beat Irvine B 3-2 with the results, home players first: Dr. Kenny Brooksbank 1-0 Robert Loughran; Siegrun Macgilchrist 0-1 Robert Gourlay; Eric MacKinnon 1-0 Stephen Clark; Zak Roy 0-1 William Douglas; Charles Roy 1-0 Greg Gourlay.

Carrick 4-1 Troon B: Ali Roy 1/2 Len Weir; Dr. K Brooksbank 1-0 Bob Reid; S. Macgilchrist 1-0 David Ferguson; Eric MacKinnon 1-0 Sandy Gibson; Steell MacFadzean 1/2 Alex Smith.

Siegrun Macgilchrist said: “We were lucky to have Ali with us who is studying in Aberdeen but is also still a keen chess player. She was unlucky to play against Len who has improved tremendously over the last few years - retirement certainly helped him with his chess!”

Some players are also competing in the Ayrshire championship. Carrick players are Eric and Siegrun. They’ve both got 2/3. Eric beat a former Ayrshire champion in the 1st round and Siegrun got revenge on Robert Gourlay.