Using your imagination with an amazing 375 foot putt

The year is certainly moving along and we are now into September, but we have been promised some substantially hot weather to come.

Well last Sunday was a beautiful day and the Girvan September medal attracted a lot of the members. However the results have still to be collated so it will be next week before they are reported.

The last qualifying round for the Sunset Trophy at Turnberry was played on 1st. September from which Martin Brown , D. Carr and Campbell Devlin go through to the final.


Arnold Palmer on putting back at the US Open in 1968 ‘My putting was atrocious, I changed grips, stance, you name it I tried everything except standing on my head’.. Putting has been described as a game within a game and can ruin an otherwise good round of golf.


I now understand how to play out of bunkers after having had a lesson on this problem from Ciar Porciani at Turnberry.

The most important thing is to turn into the shot so that your chest is facing the hole at the end of the stroke. Now this means that you can no longer maintain that hoary old golf instruction you once received when you first took up the game which was to keep your head down.

The head must come up when you turn into the shot which is the same for every golf shot. You keep your head still over the ball until impact then turn into the shot and up comes the head which is correct. Well there you are there is always something to learn about golf.

No matter how good a golfer you are I recommend that once in a while you should have a golf check over complete with solutions to any immediate problems you may not realise that you have by a qualified professional and there are none better than those out at Turnberry.

To get a friend to tell you what is wrong with your golf is a mistake and could lead to disaster on the course. You spend a small fortune on clubs, golf clothing and golf balls, so a few pounds on how best to use them will not come amiss.

After that you will find it so much more enjoyable to play a round of golf.

On holes in one I read recently of Fergus Muir playing the 5th Hole on the Eden Course at St. Andrews selected to drive the 125 yard hole with his putter there being so much wind at his back. Both his opponents were well through the green with irons so Fergus a 66 year old 13 handicapper had used his imagination to play his shot with the ball scampering over the ground onto the green and into the hole. A 375 foot putt but as you know in golf it is the result that counts no matter how it is played.