Victory Bar lift first darts silverware of season

It’s congratulations to the Victory Bar who lift the first silverware of the season with a thumping win over the Athletic A in the Geoff`s Cabs Cup Final.

Singles scores (Athletic players first): A Hastie 2-0 L Mooney, L Wilson 0-2 S McCluskey, A McCulloch 0-2 D Harkness, S McCreadie 2-0 J Auld, B Earle 0-2 J McDowall, D Barry 0-2 J McMillan, A McEwan 0-2 J Farnes.

Doubles scores: L Wilson/A McCulloch 1-2 J Auld/J McDowall, J McCulloch/B McLeish 1-2 G Collie/G Thomson, A Fyfe/S McCreadie 1-2 J Devlin/J Windsor

Best Darts: S McCluskey 16,20 - D Harkness 17x2 - J McMillan 17,23 - S McCreadie 22 - J McDowall 23,24.

180`s J McMillan.