Victory Bar lives up to its name – again

In the Girvan and District Darts, the Victory Bar bandwagon rolls on as they defeat stablemates The Vic to take Paul the Barbers Cup.

Paul the Barbers Cup (sponsored by Paul Zonfrillo)

Quarter finals: Victory Bar 10-0 Greenside; Athletic A 5-5 Athletic B (Athletic B win 1001 play off); Boars Head 10-0 Hamilton; Vaults 4-6 The Vic. Semi Finals: Victory Bar 6-4 Athletic B; Boars Head 3-7 The Vic.

Final: Victory Bar 6-1 The Vic

Zehra`s Consolation Cup (Zehra`s Pizzeria)

Semis: Greenside 3-6 Athletic A; Vaults 10-0 Hamilton; Final:Athletic A 7-3 Vaults.