Victory Bar remain top of the darts league

Week 5 in the Girvan and District Darts League

Champions the Tavern A dropped another point in Colmonell against the Boars Head, whilst the Vaults and the Vic both continued their good form with wins and the

Victory Bar remain clear at the top with a thumping win over the Kings Barr.

Results: Athletic Tavern B 3-7 Vic, Boars Head 5-5 Athletic Tavern A, Hamilton 3-7 Vaults, Victory Bar 9-1 Kings Barr.

Best Games: 18 darts Justin Nicholl x2, Paul McCluskey, Kevin Reid. 19 darts Andy McGinlay. 20 darts Steve Robertson x 2, Paul ,McCluskey. 21 darts James Farnes,

Darren Paterson, Stuart Clark.

Best Doubles Games: 15 darts Kevin Hamilton/Stuart Clark. 17 darts Justin Nicholl/Jim McCulloch, Steve Robertson/Peter Ross, 19 darts Iain Nibloe/Ronnie Blyth.

180`s: Darren Paterson, Alan McDowall, Scott Bailey, Kevin Hamilton. 177: Steve Robertson.

Check outs: 161 Paul McCluskey, 115 Kevin Reid, 102 Justin Nicholl