Victory edge closer to title

Victory Bar edged out Athletic A in Monday’s match-up, meaning a win against Athletic B will give them the league title. There were wins for Athletic B, Vaults and Vic.

Results: Athletic B 9-1 Hamilton, Boars Head 4-6 Vic, Vaults 8-2 Kings Barr, Victory Bar 6-4 Athletic A.

Best Games: 16 darts: Paul McCluskey 17 darts: Paul McCluskey, Stevie Paterson 18 darts: Justin Nicholl 20 darts: Len Wilson, John Whorlow 21 darts: Justin Nicholl, Stuart McCreadie, Alan McDowall, Cammy Bone 23 darts: Cammy Bone 180s: Paul McCluskey; Check outs: 140: Alan McDowall 116: Stuart McCreadie 115: Justin Nicholl

Best Pairs: 17 darts: Justin Nicholl/Stuart McCreadie 22 darts: Nat Taylor/John Whorlow Kevin Hopkins/Stevie Paterson.