Victory move to joint top

Victory Bar moved back to joint top of the Girvan and District Darts League with a game in hand with a 9-1 win over the Royal.

Title challengers Athletic B drew 5-5 with stablemates Athletic A in the game of the night, if not game of the season, and the Vaults won 7-3 against Barr to keep the league leaders still in their sights.

180s: C. Crawford, J. Moore x2, J McCulloch.

Best darts legs: S. Hopkins 16, P. McCluskey 17, J. Moore 17, J. McCulloch and P. Rae 17, R Beauchamp and J. Windsor 17, P. McCluskey 18, J. McDowall 18, L. McLeary 18, S. McCluskey 18, L. Mooney and J. McDowall 18, R. Ashworth 18, A. McDowall 18, J. McCulloch, S Robertson 18, D Harper and B Earle 18, C. Crawford and S. Hopkins 19, S Robertson 19, J. Moore and S. Arrandale 19, J. McCulloch 20, A. McDowall 20, J. McCulloch and P. Rae 20, J. Moore and S. Arrandale 21, J. Moore 21,

Highest checkouts: P. McCluskey 130,121 J. McDowall, S. McCluskey 120 and 100, G. Coolie 105.

Next weeks fixtures: Kings v Victory; Athletic v Vaults; Harbour Bar v Hamilton; Royal v High Society.

l High Society are reminded that results must be sent to league president on match night.