Victory take Stewart Cup

Athletic A almost capped an amazing fightback from 5-1 down in the Stewart Cup final this week.

But it was the Victory Bar who secured the silverware, clinching a 1001 play off.

Result from the Stewart Cup Final: Athletic A 5-5 Victory Bar - Victory Bar win 1001 play off.

Best Games: 16 darts: Len Wilson, 18 darts: Stuart McCreadie, Len Wilson, Jake McDowall, 21 darts: Andrew Hastie, Liam Mooney, Alan McDowall, 22 darts: James Auld, Jake McDowall, Michael McCloskey, Alan McDowall, 23 darts: Liam Mooney, 24 darts: James Auld

180s: Len Wilson (2)

Check Outs: 100 Jake McDowall.