Winning start for champions in darts league

Champions Athletic Tavern A got off to a winning start on Monday with a 10-0 whitewash of a depleted Hamilton Arms team.

The Victory Bar had a resounding 8-2 win in the Vaults. The Athletic Tavern B also got off to a convincing start with a 7-3 win over the Boars while the Vic trounced the Kings Barr 9-1 in the Victory.

Results : Hamilton 0-10 Athletic A, Vaults 2-8 Victory Bar, Athletic B 7-3 Boars Head, Vic 9-1 Kings Barr.

Best Games: 18 darts – Michael McCloskey, Liam Mooney 19 darts – James Farnes, 20 darts – Len Wilson, Michael McCloskey 21 darts – Kevin Reid, Nat Taylor, Scott Baillie, Alastair McLeish, S Clark.

180s – James Farnes, Darren Patterson, Kevin Reid.