Youth darts final

The youth darts league final takes place on July 8 between Joe Adams and Alastair McLeish at Z1 in Girvan.

Anyone to come and watch the match.

The organisers wish to say a huge thanks for all the sponsors for helping Alastair McLeish to fundraise enough money for all the rewards, including the help from family and friends and Girvan Academy.

The question was, who would you like to win the final? And since there was enough money left over, we decided to give a prize to a random voter from each of the players sponsor sheets.

Danny Cunningham, who voted for Alastair McLeish and Miss Wilson, a teacher from Girvan Academy who voted for Joe Adams, won the prizes.

On the 8th July all the rewards are given out for all the players who took part in this one-off event of the year.