Angela Rippon is holding back the years

Angela Rippon is one of the presenters on Holding Back the Years.
Angela Rippon is one of the presenters on Holding Back the Years.

Starting on Monday at a quarter past nine in the morning there is a new programme on BBC1 which should interest those who are retired or who will shortly become retired.

At a time when so few programmes seem to be targeted at an older demographic it is good that there is this new series which looks at retirement in a positive way. There are only going to be five programmes in the Holding Back the Years series – each one presented by a different TV personality. The presenters will be Maureen Lipman, Angela Rippon, Ainsley Harriott, Arlene Phillips and Bill Turnbull. The stars will visit a different location to meet interesting characters and to learn about some of the organizations which look after the interests of older people.

Throughout the week topics such as health, relationships and work will be covered. In the first programme Maureen goes back to her home town of Hull to discover how people can avoid loneliness and stay social as they become older. She meets people at a local bingo hall and at the Royal Voluntary Service Club. She also visits a kennels which specialise in offering dogs to older people. She also visits a Men’s Shed – which should be particularly interesting for local viewers as one has recently been set up in Girvan.

On Tuesday Angela visits Devon where she grew up and goes to a new luxury facility for older people where everything essential is right on their doorstep. She also helps a local charity shop and discovers why people choose to work or shop there. Anela also meets Julie, who has a number of tips for saving money; Monica a nurse in her eighties who has no intention of retiring; and Martyn Rogers of Age UK has some good advice for everyone.

Ian K