New show Amazing Greys puts youth against experience

Paddy McGuinness is one of the hosts of new show 'Amazing Greys'
Paddy McGuinness is one of the hosts of new show 'Amazing Greys'

We have learned that Sir Bruce Forsyth is no longer going to be hosting the live Strictly Come Dancing shows. Before that his other big BBC success was The Generation Game.

So it is rather interesting that this Saturday there is a new show featuring different generations.

However this one has the generations competing against each other. When youth takes on experience ,who wins? The aim of this new show is to see whether younger people can win against a group of over 60s who each have a very special skill – be it mental, sporting or something unique. The Amazing Greys will have a talent that they have been developing for a long time whereas their younger opponents will usually have to master that same talent very quickly. If the younger contestants can win at least two out of three contests, then they will pocket £10,000. If they fail, then they will leave with nothing. It is interesting that ITV has chosen to schedule this new series directly after the latest series of Britain’s Got Talent – a show which also showcases various special skills. The host for Amazing Greys is Paddy McGuinness and helping him over the next six weeks will be Angela Rippon.

On thinking about this show, could it be classed as ageist? Should age matter when it comes to talent? But then how many over 60s end up in the finals of the Voice, the X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent? Will it be a celebration of a range of different skills that different people have? And will it show that lots of people can achieve whatever they want – at whatever age they are – as long as they are prepared to put in the hard work?

Ian K