Babushka takes centre stage with Rylan

Rylan Clark-Neal presents Babushka.
Rylan Clark-Neal presents Babushka.

This coming Monday and for the next four weeks sees a new game show on ITV in the five to six o’clock slot.

Already there has been an outcry as this new series has displaced The Chase from the schedules. The reality though is that The Chase usually has a break, so that viewers are pleased when it returns. All this talk will have given this new show, Babushka, some publicity.

It has already been shown in other parts of the world.

Its main attraction is the ten giant Babushka dolls. These are the famous dolls which if you open them up, you usually find a series of smaller dolls inside.

For a long time British television viewers used to enjoy Deal or No Deal which basically consisted of someone opening a number of boxes. This time it is two contestants each day who, by pressing a button, have to open up a number of dolls.

However before they can do that, they have to answer a Yes or No question. The dolls inside will each have a cash amount of money attached to them. The players have to decide whether or not to keep opening the dolls to see if there are smaller ones within.

Whatever total sum they gain from each doll is banked. However if they get a question wrong, or open up a doll which is empty, then they lose all their banked cash.

The players get three ‘helps’. At the end of the game they have to decide whether or not to try to double their winnings.

The success or otherwise of a show like this mainly hinges on the presenter.

Rylan Clark-Neal is in charge and as he is good with people and quick witted then the show should be a great success!

The Chase is having a month break as normal and Babushka is filling that slot.

Ian K