David Dickinson is the real deal

David Dickinson.
David Dickinson.

Although making appearances on television before that, antique dealer David Dickinson made his name on television when he presented Bargain Hunt on BBC1.

From there he moved to ITV where he has presented many seasons of the popular daytime show Dickinson’s Real Deal since 2006. In that show members of the public bring in items which they perceive to be of value. They are made an offer by various dealers which they can either accept or decide to try and get a better offer by taking the item to auction.

David acts as the go-between often encouraging the dealers to give the person more money for the item. This coming Monday David has a new TV series on ITV each weekday for the next four weeks. It is a quiz show about antiques and collectables.

Three pairs of contestants are featured in each show. In the first three rounds David describes three different objects. However only one of these objects is valuable in each case and that is the only one that David is giving a true description of. In each round the contestants have to work out which is the valuable item!

Contestants are awarded points and the two couples with the highest scores compete in the semi- final. Contestants are shown five items and are given cash labels. After each item has been described, one member from each team has to match the object with its correct cash value.

Interestingly enough this is similar to one of the games in The Price is Right! The final round, which features only one couple, is called ‘The Duke’s Bobby Dazzler’ in which the David describes two items.

One is worth £5,000 and the other is worth £50. Can the couple work out which is the expensive item and win its cash value?

Ian K