Maybe not such a good idea, Alan?

Alan Carr.
Alan Carr.

One of the things that I feel that we are missing on TV these days is comedians who can appeal to a family audience.

In the old days we had people like Harry Worth, Morecambe and Wise, Leslie Crowther and so forth. Nowadays most comedians are very much performers for adults as shown by the material and language that they use.

It was a great surprise to many people when Paul O’Grady, who in his guise as Lily Savage was very much someone who was not suitable to a family audience, was given a teatime chat show.

However he was a great success at presenting it and his For Love of Dogs series is one of the most popular family viewings shows of all.

I wonder if Channel 4 are hoping that Alan Carr can also appeal to a family audience.

His programmes have previously very much been late night ones, but after his Chatty Man series ended up not being as successful when it was screened against The Graham Norton Show, Channel 4 has decided this Friday night to give him a new chat show.

As it is being screened at eight o’clock it is in a pre-watershed slot and thus it should be suitable for all.

It is only on for an initial four episodes. One of the features of his Chatty Man show was that Alan used to give his guests alcohol to drink, something that is not going to happen on this show. However its name, Happy Hour, has public house connections.

His first guests are James Arthur the X Factor winner who has had great success with his recently released music; the actress Rebel Wilson; and the comedians Jack Whitehall and Rob Beckett. I am not convinced that this is such a good idea.

Ian K