Smugglers festival starts with a song

Davie Hunter and Celtic Voices
Davie Hunter and Celtic Voices

Ballantrae Smugglers’ Festival 2017 kicks off with “Music, Poetry and Smuggling Stories” in a marquee at Ballantrae Harbour on Friday 9 June at 7pm.

This event for the whole family will include songs from Celtic Voices and Davie Hunter, and the children from Ballantrae Primary School reading stories and poems from the book they published last year.

Three Ballantrae pupils will sing “Smuggler”, the song they have just recorded in a recording studio which will be the soundtrack of the 2017 Smugglers Video and the usual Smugglers’ Festival characters - The Minister and the Evil Doctor - will no doubt put in appearance. Maybe some new characters will also appear. Adults £2 children free. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Andy McAlpine of the Festival said: “The children of Ballantrae Primary School have been an important part of our Festival since the start.”

“During Scotland’s Year of Heritage, History and Archaeology our Smugglers’ Festival is in three parts - the “Music Poetry and Smuggling Stories” event on Friday evening and on Sunday 11 June the “Smugglers’ Contraband Store” will feature in the Ballantrae Festival of Food and Drink also at the harbour. On 26 August we are organising a “Smugglers Supper” in the King’s Arms Hotel in Ballantrae, and on 27 August “The Ballantrae Smugglers’ Chase” involving skiff racing will take place in Ballantrae Bay. On Saturday 23 September we have the “Smugglers’ Road Trip” up the coast starting in Ballantrae and finishing with the launch of a new book “The Carrick Smugglers”.