Carrick and Ayr chess clubs join force

Ayr chess club
Ayr chess club

The Ayr chess club members have decided to join Carrick for friendly games because they can no longer afford Loudon Hall on a regular basis.

The Ayr members are missing their secretary Carol Wright who sadly passed away this summer and was a main stay within the club.

Both Ayr and Carrick are both in Division two so they will have to face each other at some point.

Bob Fulton has a chess set for visually impaired people.

Normally players have to play according to the touch-move rule: If you touch a piece you must move it.

However visually impaired people are allowed to have a separate board where they’re allowed to touch the pieces all the time.

There is a lively scene for visually impaired players and they also play in the Chess Olympiad alongside sighted players.

Carrick chess club meets on Wednesdays from 7-10pm in the Town Hall in Maybole. The members are looking forward to many social games, but Carrick still needs new players for the league!