Cats’ Corner


This amazing handsome boy is Maxwell, and South Ayrshire Cats Protection have been seeking a forever home for him.

Maxwell first came into our care back in August 2014, when he had been found roaming around the countryside, with his identical sister. Maxwell is estimated to be 10-years old and we believe him to be of Bengal pedigree. Maxwell is a really character and such a friendly affectionate boy - you don’t have to spend long in his company before he has charmed you and he has your heart. The right home for Maxwell is one without any other pets, and preferably with someone who is around for a large part of the day - he really does have a lot of affectionate to give!

He does like to go out in the fresh air, however, this is where the difficulties start - Maxwell must be supervised when outside just in case he eats anything un-toward or a kindly neighbour decides to give him something to eat or drink. Maxwell has colitis. Like the human condition, this can be a severe condition with serious consequences - the last time someone harmlessly thought to give Maxwell a little food, he spent several weeks in the vet hospital in a lot of pain. The good news however, is Maxwell’s condition can be easily managed and kept under control as long as he eats his special food and nothing else - not even one Dreamie biscuit! The Cats Protection never put a healthy cat down and if Maxwell eats right he is healthy and has a lot of love to give, so we will pay for all his food and any vet bills relating to his colitis for the rest of his life. If you think you can provide Maxwell the environment he needs to live a long healthy happy life, please call our office on 03453 714216. Please note this is a new phone number which replaces the old 08453 number. If you still want to help Maxwell, but aren’t suitable to adopt him, you can buy him a meal by texting “SACP88 £2” to 70070. Gift aid instructions will be sent to your phone to make your donation worth 25 per cent more at no extra cost. You can vary the amount but please be assured that every contribution is very much appreciated and Maxwell is such a loving cat, he deserves a chance to live life to the full.

Thank you to all our supporters for their help.