Making a shopping list for our lives

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There are two words that mean a lot to people and these words are ‘Thank you.’ We utter them when someone has done something for us that we have appreciated. And by using these words we acknowledge the fact that we are grateful to someone who has exhibited their generosity. When people do something kind for somebody else they are often not looking for anything in return. But they are usually always pleased when what they have done is recognised.

This Sunday is an important Sunday in the church’s year. It is Remembrance Sunday and on that day up and down the country special services are held which mark the huge contribution that the Armed Forces have made to our lives down through the years.

It used to be the case that these services concentrated on those who gave up their lives in the First and Second World Wars to defend our freedoms. Now we remember all the service personnel who died in both these Wars but in addition we also pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives to protect our country and other countries in more recent times as well. It is right and proper that we say a ‘Thank you’ to all these men and women for all that they were prepared to do for us in the past. And all that we know that they will continue to do.