Maybole’s Christine wins Co-op ‘show you care’ award

Christine with manager Alastair Travers.
Christine with manager Alastair Travers.

Congratulations to Maybole woman Christine McNeish on her success in the Co-op’s Pioneer awards.

Christine is a community pioneer with the Co-op in Maybole and her manager Alastair Travers nominated her for the area award which she won.

She was then put forward for the regional award by Duncan Maurer and Vicki Mains and Christine won this as well and received a framed certificate.

Christine then made the top six in the division awards.

The Co-op awards reflect Christine’s work in the community and her workplace where she helps others and puts 100 per cent into what she does.

Christine said she was just so happy to have even been nominated and to be in the top six is amazing. Christine added: “I’d like to thank all the community and surrounding areas for all their support; I was very chuffed and happy to have got where I did, thanks to Alastair and the Co-op.”