Needle felting fun for SWI members

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Upper Stinchar SWI “Rural” members enjoyed a Needle Felting demonstration at their recent meeting at Barr Village Hall.

Vice President Jo Travers introduced demonstrators Liz Copeland and Beth Blain who led the October workshop.

Members gathered round the table and were introduced (or reminded of) the creative craft of needle felting.

With a colourful array of wools and templates; books and samples; and specialist tools, including safety equipment in the form of leather finger stools, Beth and Liz demonstrated the basic technique for needle felting, then for everyone who wanted to, there was a chance to try it out. Michelle and Wendy brought along their cute needle felt hare and sheep to inspire the others. From Santa’s boot to fruit and flower shapes, many members got started on the absorbing craft of needle felting.

The main competition results for one jar of jam were: 1.Liz Copeland 2.Netta Wilson 3.Vera Dunlop and in the fun competition for a favourite candle 1.Wilma Gracie 2.Liz Copeland 3. Yvonne Jack.

Wilma Gracie was congratulated for her well-earned first prize in Beadwork at the recent Ayrshire Federation SWI Show. Her tiny, intricate beadwork beehive is a delight to see!

Anne Dalton and Maggie Bunnett prepared and served a delicious supper for everyone.

Upper Stinchar members will celebrate the 87th year of their Institute on Saturday 12th November 2016 at Wildings Restaurant, meeting at 12noon, Barr Village Hall for car-share transport to Maidens.

For further information about Upper Stinchar Scottish Women’s Institute, contact or telephone 01465 714783