Provost leads flag day for unity

South Ayrshire Council celebrate flag day
South Ayrshire Council celebrate flag day

South Ayrshire Council has highlighted the importance of Commonwealth Day at a special flag raising ceremony at St Germain-en-Laye Gardens in Ayr on Monday, 13 March.

Commonwealth Day is held annually and is an opportunity for individuals, communities and organisations to promote peace, democracy and equality. The theme for 2017 is ‘A Peace-building Commonwealth’ which promotes understanding and acceptance in an increasingly multi-cultural world.

To mark Commonwealth Day, flags will be flown across the Commonwealth signifying unity and tolerance.

South Ayrshire Provost, Helen Moonie said:”Everybody has the right to be treated fairly no matter their race, age, gender or beliefs and the flag is a clear message that we embrace this principle. In South Ayrshire, diversity and equality is alive and well and at the heart of our society. Today is an opportunity for us all to think about the ways we can be more accepting of others.”