Something to Think About

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I wonder how many of you enjoy going on a picnic. I remember when I was very young how happy I would be if it was decided that the weather was so good that instead of having a meal inside the family would have it in the garden instead.

And how enjoyable it was to go to the seaside for the day – but not before packing some sandwiches and other special food first!

We all know that in order to survive we all have to eat. And we recognise the fact that in this part of the world we are very fortunate indeed to have the variety of different kinds of food that we have access to.

And that nowadays we are able to enjoy some foods all year round, when not that long ago we could only enjoy them at certain time of the year.

Many people enjoy going out to restaurants– especially on special occasions – so that they can enjoy their food in a different location.

I think that people enjoy picnics because they do not have them all that often – mainly because of the weather. However when they do have them it is usually on a sunny day which tends to make everyone feel better all round.

The opportunity of sharing food with people who are important to us is something that is common in most of the world religions.

In Christianity, the Last Supper that Jesus shared with his closest disciples, was an important event. So important that one of the instructions that Jesus left his followers to do, was to share that special meal together ‘in memory of him’.

In many Christian denominations Holy Communion is seen as a ‘sacrament.’

It is also a reminder of the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made for us all.