Something to Think About

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Many people will say that they have a favourite Bible passage. One of mine is the very first chapter of the very first book in the Bible.

It starts off with these words ‘In the beginning when God created the universe ...’ The chapter then goes on to describe the various actions God took as he created the universe in which we live.

It makes it clear that to begin with there was only God.

And that everything that we can see and hear comes from Him and Him alone and is as a result of His creative actions.

Whenever I read this passage I sometimes hear the voice of John Houston in my head. Why? Well because he provided the narration for the 1966 film ‘The Bible… in the Beginning’ and it was his speaking voice which was heard when pictures were set alongside these beautiful and powerful words.

I enjoyed the film and it helped me to visualise some of these early Old Testament events. However Biblical films can only help up to a point and to truly appreciate and understand God’s Word, it is vital that people actually read the books of the Bible for themselves.

Reading through that first chapter of Genesis makes me appreciate the wonder of the universe which was created by a loving and caring God who wanted the human beings He created to enjoy their time on the earth.

Indeed in this first chapter he made human beings the stewards of planet earth. Giving them the task of looking after the planet and all its inhabitants. Whenever I read that chapter I wonder to myself… How good a job are we actually doing nowadays of caring for this world that God has given us as our home?