Something to Think About

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Most people if they were asked if they would like to be successful would answer with a resounding - ‘Yes.’ From a very early age most of us are encouraged to seek success.

When people are at school being successful is usually perceived as being good at passing exams. Most people realise that if they end up with a large number of high graded examination passes, in a variety of different subjects, then it will greatly help them when they seek work or want to go into further education.

It is also helpful if they can demonstrate that they possess additional skills as well as purely academic ones. But most people will say that as well as all these things, they feel that it is also important to be successful in the social arena and this means being successful at getting on with other people and making good and long lasting friendships.

As people become older they might evaluate success in how well they do in their chosen profession or career. Others might say that real success is if they have a happy family life with everyone in it working together as a team. While others might say that what is important is how contented and happy they feel about their life and how successful they feel that it has been. I wonder though how God might view human success.

In the story that Jesus told of the ‘ sheep and the goats’ it is clear that God wants his followers to do whatever they can to help and support each another.

No doubt He would regard those people who did that as being successful in pleasing Him.

And after all that is something that everyone could be successful at, regardless of the number of talents they have