Something to Think About

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This is the week that many of our young people in Scotland have been waiting for. It is time when they discover if they did well enough in their examinations to gain the necessary grades that will take them to the next stage in their chosen career.

Or if sadly they will have to rethink what they do next. It is a great feeling knowing that all your work has paid off and that you have gained the results that you needed.

The days immediately prior to receiving these results can be a very anxious time and hopefully this week will have seen a large number of happy people.

I still remember the worrying times waiting for my examination results to come through. My chosen careers meant that I had to sit important examinations every year from aged fifteen until aged twenty four.

I had to sit many examinations in that time – not all of which I passed at the first attempt. Happily I passed my examinations eventually and I have been very privileged to enjoy the careers I have had.

To those who have done well this year I say: ‘Many congratulations.’ And to those who were not as successful as you would have hoped to be I would say: ‘Never give up on trying to achieve what you want to do with your life.’

I have always believed that God wants us to be happy during our time on earth. Happiness is achieved in many ways. One of which is to do a job that you enjoy doing and that gives you a sense of purpose and satisfaction. As most of us spends a large proportion of our lives working in paid employment, it is important that the work we chose to do makes us happy.