Something to Think About

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If someone was to go to a church service on a Sunday morning they would discover that no matter what church they attended there would be certain components to the service they would usually find wherever they went. So what are they?

Music would invariably play an important part in the service. The number of musical items would vary. Many of the songs would be expected to be sung by all those attending the service. Music is a way of involving all the worshippers in doing something together to show their appreciation to God for all that he has done for them. Some of the musical items might be sung by a choir or a praise band. The music selected for inclusion in a service might have be written long ago, some time ago or relatively recently.

Most services include prayers. There are different kinds of prayers. Some prayers accentuate the greatness of God; some prayers are asking God’s forgiveness for past sins; some prayers involve asking God to do something to help someone else; some prayers are asking God to help people to make the right decisions in our lives. And some prayers are thanking God for all that he has given us.

Then there are the readings. Sometimes services have only the one reading. Others can include two or three.

These come out of the Bible which is the collection of Christian holy books. The Bible is divided into two main sections. One features the life of the Israelites before the coming of Jesus into the world and is called The Old Testament. The New Testament features the four accounts of Jesus’ life; the acts of the early church, various letters written by St. Paul and others and the book of Revelation.

To be continued ...