Something to Think About

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Last week we looked at some of the components that would usually be found in a church service on a Sunday morning. These included hymns or songs; prayers and readings from the Bible.

Most church services have an offering. This is the opportunity for members of the congregation and visitors to give some money to help with the running costs of the church. That money usually goes to help pay for the upkeep of the building; to pay the member of the clergy who looks after the church and for other expenses. Then there are the talks. If there are young people present there is usually a talk which is primarily for them.

The main talk is called the sermon. This often is the longest item in the service and involves the preacher showing how the important messages contained within the Bible relate to people’s everyday lives. Sermons can take many forms. But what each preacher is attempting to do is to encourage those present to live the best life they possibly can. A life dedicated to God and to supporting and helping other people. Some sermons are more Bible based than others, often explaining some of the more challenging parts of the Bible. Other sermons may examine present day issues from a Biblical perspective.

Sacraments are ways of getting closer to God. Some churches include sacraments on a regular basis. In others, if there is a sacrament, then it is a special service. The number of sacraments that a particular Christian denomination can have varies in number. Two of the more usual ones are Baptism and Holy Communion. People who would like to attend a service will always be made to feel most welcome.