Something to Think About

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I wonder on how many occasions we have come back from a shopping expedition with a purchase that at the time we thought that we needed and later on realised was surplus to requirements.

Perhaps it was an item that looked like a bargain. It was offered for sale at a far cheaper price than usual and most of us like getting a bargain don’t we? But whereas this item looked very tempting at the time, later on we realised that we had no use for it after all. And so we put our purchase at the back of a cupboard never to be thought about again. That is unless some church or charity asks us if we have any unwanted gifts that we might donate to their sale. Then we remember the item that we bought in a hurry and decide to donate it, hoping that someone might have a use for it.

Recently one of my churches held a very successful Bric-a-Brac Sale. We were very grateful to all the people who freely donated things to it. And I am sure that there were many people who visited that sale who came away from it delighted that they had found something that was useful to them. And we in the church were happy not just because the sale raised much needed church funds but also because we realised that holding such a sale made some people happy.

Like most church activities its success depended on a number of people coming together and working together for a common purpose. Churches need people to be willing to get involved and to help out so that their work can progress. Nobody who belongs to a church should ever feel that they are surplus to requirements. All are always needed.