Something to Think About

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When we see someone whom we have not seen for a while we often ask them the question- ‘How are you?’ We ask that question usually expecting them to say something along the lines of – ‘Fine, thanks. How are you?’

If they do not do that, but instead go into a long speech about how awful life is for them at present, we are often taken aback, not expecting that response. However we should be pleased that the person told us how they genuinely felt, rather than utter some pleasantries which at the end of the day unfortunately means very little.

There are some people who find it incredibly difficult opening up to somebody else and telling them how they are actually feeling as regards their life. In the olden days adults often opened up to their minister or priest, saying things to them that they would not always be comfortable saying to someone who knew them well. This was because they sometimes felt that they had too much to lose if the person did not take what they said very well.

They also knew that what they said to a member of the clergy would remain confidential. They also valued the advice of someone who was neutral.

Most adults need at least one person in their lives who accepts them as they are and who they can be honest with. Someone who will support them and who genuinely wants to help them if they have any problems.

However we should remember that all of us have God – our eternal Heavenly Father. In our prayers we can open up to Him. We can confess our sins to Him and He will forgive us. And God will go on loving and supporting us our whole life long.