Something to Think About

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There are only twenty-four hours in a day. And there are only seven days in each week. That means that we have one hundred and sixty eight hours each week to do all the things that need to be done in it.

Now if you subtract the hours that we should devote to sleeping that means that there are one hundred and twelve hours each week when we are active and wide awake.

Many people have paid employment to go to and that usually takes up something like forty hours leaving the other seventy two hours to do whatever people want to do with them.

Some of that time will be taken up with preparing and eating meals; with doing the shopping and other household chores; and with travelling from one place to another. While some people enjoy the travelling, others feel that they would rather use that journey time doing something else.

Most people like to ensure that during the course of a week they devote a large proportion of their time to their families and their family’s needs. Many people like to devote some time most weeks to seeing their friends or acquaintances as well.

Then there are people’s hobbies and interests. Sometimes people share hobbies with family members and friends. Sometimes people find that they are the only one they know who is interested in Ancient History, Origami, Physics, or learning to play the clarinet and therefore they need to set aside some ‘ me time’, where they can continue their interest on their own.

In among all these demands on people’s time is at least an hour a week (plus travelling time) too much to ask people to devote to Almighty God, the One who is responsible for them being here in the first place?