Something to Think About

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How important are your friends to you? And how would you differentiate between someone whom you might call a ‘friend’ compared to someone that you would call ‘an acquaintance?’

Do you treat all your friends the same? Or do you have different friends for different parts of your life?

To maintain a friendship do you have to communicate with your friend on a regular basis? Or is a true friend someone that you maybe are not in contact with for years, but when you meet up, it is as if you last spoke to them last week?

Many people have friends who share a common interest with them be it sport, music, art or gardening. And most of the conversations that they have with these friends centre around that shared interest. Some people have friendships as a result of being through a common experience with someone – like working in the same job together, or living in the same street, or serving on the same Committee.

Having friends provides us with so much.

If our friends share our outlook and beliefs they reinforce our view of the world.

Our friends help us relieve our past and help us to remember to celebrate the good times in our lives.

And during the difficult times in particular it is important to remember all the good times we have had in the past.

If we are in the company of a good friend, it usually means that we can relax and be the person we truly are.

But if we want to have good friends, it is important that we are ‘a good friend’ ourselves. Jesus was a good friend.

Not just to the people of his day, but he is a good friend to us all to-day.