Something to think about ...

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Are you someone who could be described as ‘contented’ with your life?

Or are you someone who is continually restless. Continually dissatisfied with the way that you feel that life has treated you in the past? Or are you someone who would describe themselves as ‘at peace’ both with themselves and with the world?

Do you feel that most of the other people that you know have had a much better life than you have had? Or are you someone who accepts that all of us have had a mixture of good times and not so good times. And that when something negative happens to you, then you always try your best to turn that negativity into something positive.

Some people feel aggrieved, not just towards some other people, but with life in general. They are somewhat pessimistic most of the time, moaning about a whole variety of things. Other people realise that negativity tends to breed more negativity and if they want to be contented, then they must let that negativity go and embrace a more positive outlook on life.

One of the reasons Jesus came into our world was to help people to have a better life. He came into the world to help cure some of the world’s ills.

He came to the earth to tell people the ‘good news.’ That God – their Eternal Father – loved them all and would forgive them the wrong things that had done in the past - if they asked Him to. They, for their part, needed to act in a forgiving way towards other people.

People are never really able to find true contentment in life unless they are prepared to change their negative attitude towards certain people and life in general, into a more positive one.