Something to Think About with Rev. Ian McLachlan

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When you were growing up I wonder how many of you had music lessons. I myself tried to learn firstly the piano and then the clarinet. Sadly in common with many others I was somewhat unwilling to put in the necessary time and practice in order to become proficient at playing them.

I regret it now, as I have always felt that it must be very fulfilling to be able to play music for your own and other people’s enjoyment. I suppose there are some people who have musical instruments in their homes which they might once have played, but no longer do so. That is a pity because musical instruments need human beings to make them work. There are a whole range of different musical instruments that people can play and there have been pieces of music composed for a single instrument or for groups of people playing the same instrument. For a couple of years I played my clarinet in the school orchestra. I have always thought that an orchestra is a good illustration of what life could be like. Most musicians are capable of producing something pleasant to listen to on their own. But often something even greater is created when a number of different instruments and their people all come together to form an orchestra. The contribution that every single individual member of an orchestra makes is important. Orchestras need a conductor to guide, help and support all the musicians. We are fortunate in that God is interested in us and in the contributions we make to life. While unfortunately we sometimes produce a wrong note, we know that what God wants us to do is to keep on giving of our best, so that we can together create something wonderful for everyone to enjoy.