Something to think about - with Rev. Ian McLachlan

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When you do your shopping you will no doubt notice that some of the goods that you buy are marked with the Fair Trade symbol.

We are currently in Fair Trade Fortnight which means that it is the time of the year when people are encouraged, whenever possible, to choose to buy Fair Trade goods.

These goods can include items such as coffee, tea, chocolate and bananas. If goods are purchased with the Fair Trade symbol it means that the producers of that item in the developing world are getting a fair price for the crops that they are growing.

Fair Trade helps these producers to grow items which are suitable for the soil that they are grown in, and discourages them for choosing to grow certain things which might give them a short term gain but create long term problems. It is important that those people throughout the world who allow us to enjoy a whole variety of different foods are well rewarded for their efforts.

Nowadays we have more choices when it comes to our food consumption than used to be the case fifty years ago. Sometimes we are apt to take for granted that we will be able to purchase here the food that we need. It is a tragedy what is happening in Somalia just now, where so many people are sadly suffering because of a lack of suitable food. We hope and pray that the situation there will improve in the future with the help of various charities. It is a tragedy though that the people with the power and influence in the world cannot do more to ensure that in the twenty-first century things are arranged in such a way that all people’s basic needs (food, clean water, shelter etc) are met.