Something to Think About with Rev. Ian McLachlan

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Education has changed a great deal since I was a pupil at school. There is much more ‘activity learning’ these days.

Young people are often given the opportunity of taking part in a number of interesting activities such as the Wildlife Day at Girvan Primary School which is featured in this edition of The Carrick Gazette. It is great when young people are really engaged in their learning, when they find it exciting and enjoyable learning new facts about the world that we live in and all the marvellous things that it contains. But enjoyable learning should not only be for the young. God has given us all this amazing place to call our home. He has also given us intelligence and talents and urged us to put them to good use not just for our own benefit but also for the benefit of others. Hopefully when people become older and leave school they should still enjoy learning new things. I know of some people who since they have become retired, have taken up new hobbies and interests. Sometimes they say that they did not ‘have time’ for such pursuits when they were working.

Sometimes it is because a friend has introduced them to something new be it embroidery, car mechanics or Spanish. Nobody nowadays can know everything about everything. There are just too many different things to learn about. Sometimes people can claim that this subject or that subject is ‘boring.’ But what that usually means is that they have found the subject difficult and rather than trying to master it, have dismissed it prematurely because they are not prepared to put in the required effort. Or perhaps they simply have not yet been presented with the subject in a way that engages their interest.