Something to Think About with Rev. Ian McLachlan

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For some people Sunday is just another day of the week. Nowadays certain people end up having to work on a Sunday on a regular basis.

There are many more things that you can do on a Sunday these days than there were when I was growing up. However for me Sunday has always been a special day of the week.

It was the day which I always tried my best to visit a church on, to attend a service of worship. Usually it was my local church, but if my family was on holiday, we always tried to attend a church near to where we were staying.

Later on when I tended to be actively involved in leading worship,

I still very much appreciated the occasions when I got the opportunity of listening to other people taking services.

For those people who attend church regularly there are some Sunday which are very special. This coming Sunday is one of them, as it is Mothering Sunday.

It used to be the Sunday of the year when the people who worked away from home used to make a special effort to attend worship in their home or mother church.

However, nowadays it is seen by most people as the day of the year when they make a special effort to do something nice for their mothers.

Wherever possible people try very hard to see their mothers in person, to tell them how much they appreciate all that they have done for them.

Now while most people enjoy receiving a card or a telephone message from an important person in their life, they are usually even more delighted if that special someone makes the effort to see them in person, to that they can celebrate this special occasion together.