Something to Think About with Rev. Ian McLachlan

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There are a number of Jesus’ resurrection appearances reported in the gospels. One in Luke’s gospel, mentions two followers of Jesus who went on a journey from Jerusalem to Emmaus.

They were joined by another person whom they took to be a stranger. They were very eager to enlighten him about Jesus and about what had happened to him. Jesus’ body had gone from his tomb – could he be alive as some had said? When they arrived at Emmaus the friends persuaded the stranger to join them for a meal.

It was only when the stranger broke bread with them that they recognised that the stranger was Jesus. However Jesus promptly left them and the two friends then return to Jerusalem to tell the disciples that they had seen the resurrected Jesus for themselves. Why had they had not realised who Jesus was from the start? Was it because they only knew Jesus by reputation and had not seen what he looked like? Had Jesus deliberately not wanted them to recognise him right away? Or was it because they had become so caught up in the events of the last few days that they were not thinking enough of the person who was at the very heart of these events.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ was an event – but what makes is so important is that Jesus sacrificed himself for us and is willing to help and support us each day.

Many people often spend most of their time, as they go through their own journey of life, talking constantly instead of spending some time listening.

People often use up a great deal of energy trying to make sense of their existence and fail to realise that what life is all about is right there beside them.