Something to Think About with Rev. Ian McLachlan

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I was very sad when I learned that Roger Moore had recently passed away. There have been many glowing tributes to him from some of his fellow performers.

While most of the reviews of his work have concentrated on his portrayal of James Bond, I also remember him from his many TV roles in series like Ivanhoe, Maverick, The Saint and The Persuaders.

He always seemed very charming and amusing in interviews. He was a modest man – recognising the fact that he was not the world’s greatest actor.

But he certainly was one of its greatest screen stars.

I think though that the work he would say that he was most proud of was what he has done since 1991 as a UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador. He was someone who used his fame to help other people – especially young people. At a time in his life when someone in his position could have easily decided to just enjoy his material riches, he chose to devote hours of his time to helping others.

I believe that he not only was grateful for the wonderful and exciting life that he enjoyed but he wanted to do something constructive with his fame.

Compared to many other people in our world today, most of us are extremely well off. I wonder how often we realise just how fortunate we actually are.

Sadly at times we are apt to moan about what we have not got, rather than to show gratitude to God for what we have got.

I believe that we will all appreciate our lives even more if we are prepared to devote some of our time, energy and talents in doing something which will benefit others.

Especially those people who do not have anything like what we enjoy.