Something to Think About with Rev. Ian McLachlan

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It can be a great feeling when you buy a brand new car. However if you decide to keep the car after having it for three years, then it will need to have an MOT.

This allows an expert to check whether or not the car is fit for purpose.

If it is, well and good. If not then any faults must be fixed so that the driver can continue to use the car with confidence. And so that the roads are safe for everyone.

I have always thought that it would be a good idea if after someone had been in a job for ten years, they would go through something similar.

That they would be allowed an interview with a careers officer who would discuss how they felt about the job they were in and whether or not they might be interested in doing something different.

People who went for a Job MOT would get access to the latest information about what was available in the job market and what funding for retraining might be open to them.

At the end of the process the person might come to the conclusion that they were perfectly happy in their job or they might decide that they would like a change.

And what about a having a regular spiritual MOT?

It might mean checking to see how good your relationship is with God.

Considering whether or not you feel that your life is as meaningful as you would want it to be. Making sure that you are enjoying a feeling of inner peace and contentment.

Checking that your human relationships are as good as they could be.

And then if you feel that there is room for improvement in these areas doing something positive about them.