The Doctor returns for Christmas special

Peter Capaldi returns to his role as Doctor Who this Christmas.
Peter Capaldi returns to his role as Doctor Who this Christmas.

Fans of Doctor Who have had no new television adventures this year – until now. While the good Doctor continues to appear in new audio adventures and various books, he has been sadly missing in action when it comes to new television programmes in 2016.

All that is going to change however when the latest Doctor Who Christmas special is screened on Christmas evening at a quarter to six. Christmas specials have been a popular feature of the programme since its return in 2005. However there was also a one-off Christmas special in 1965 called The Feast of Steven, which is sadly missing from the archives. It was a fairly light hearted episode as is this new one, where the Doctor finds himself involved in a popular genre he has never been in before – the world of the superhero. There have been a number of superhero films and television programmes of late and this special has the Time Lord meet up with Grant (Justin Chatwin) who has a double identity and is also known as the Ghost.

For this adventure the Doctor is joined by Nardole – a character who first appeared in the last Christmas special. Just as Catherine Tate appeared as Donna in a Christmas special and later on became a companion – Nardole will be continuing his adventures with the Doctor when the new full series starts around Easter time. In this special the big question is can the Doctor save Manhattan? He will also be helped by an investigative reporter, Lucy, played by Charity Wakefield. His opponents in this adventure are brain swopping aliens. Peter Capaldi returns to his much prized role of the Doctor in The Return of Doctor Mysterio and he will be continuing in that part at least until the end of the new season.

Ian K