Thought for the week

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I was very sad to learn of the recent death of Sir. Bruce Forsyth. He had been very much part of my television viewing for years.

The programme I most associate him with is The Generation Game, where teams of two family members of different generations, competed against each other in a variety of games in order to win prizes. It was great seeing the different generations working so well together. The programme was always entertaining and everyone involved always seemed to be really enjoying themselves. I feel that we could do with more programmes today which could be described as ‘good fun for everyone.’

The contestants often had to make something, after having a particular skill demonstrated to them by an expert. It could be icing a cake or making a vase. The results varied, but often showed that to be really good at something takes time and hard work. We sometimes take other people’s skills for granted. God has given us all different talents and it is right that we should appreciate the skills that other people have.

The shows that Bruce was involved with were very much programmes that the whole family could watch and enjoy together. Sadly in recent years television has moved away from these kind of shows and now programmes are made, more often than not, with a narrow age group in mind.

Bruce Forsyth was someone who had a range of different talents. He could act, sing, dance, interview, tell jokes, play the piano and host games shows. Through it all he wanted to entertain his audiences. He wanted to bring some happiness into people’s lives. God wants us to be happy. And I feel that God is pleased when by our kindly actions make other people happy.