Thought for the week with Rev. Ian McLachlan

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As Christmas approaches I feel sure that many people will have spent time thinking about what presents they are going to give their family and friends.

Some people really like this aspect of Christmas and try their very best to find out beforehand what the most suitable present should be for each person they are giving a present to.

Some people hope that they can then purchase that present at as good a price as possible. Having to buy multiple presents at the same time, particularly if someone is on a limited budget, means that great care needs to be taken to ensure that the money is spent wisely.

Recently some people have told me that when a relative reaches their teenage years (or sometimes earlier!) they tend not to risk buying something that might not be wanted and instead give money so that their relative can buy exactly what they want.

However this means that the person who receives the gift knows exactly how much money the giver was prepared to spend on them.

If however a gift is given, then they cannot know for certain how much was spent on them! However as they say, it should be the thought that really counts and for many people what they tend to really appreciate is that somebody has thought enough of them to give them any present. Amongst all the presents that are given at this time of the year, we should never forget that the greatest gift of them all was the present that God gave the world on that first Christmas.

He gave the world the baby Jesus who in time grew up to become the person who redeemed the world though his sacrifice. A gift that was so special that it was priceless