Thought for the week with Rev. Ian McLachlan

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Joseph, along with Mary, left Nazareth to go to Bethlehem to be registered for a census.

They then needed to find a place to stay for the night and because there was no room for them in the inn, they ended up staying in a stable overnight.

Many Nativity plays over the years have expanded greatly on what is one verse in St. Luke’s gospel. However what the verse tells us is that Jesus did not get the greatest of welcomes when he first came into the world.

There was probably only Mary and Joseph there at his birth.

Later on though, the Holy Child was visited firstly by a group of shepherds and then later on by wise men from the east.

Both groups demonstrated that they had room for him in their lives.

However there was someone out to get Jesus.

His name was King Herod and he was determined that this new king would never get an opportunity of gaining his throne.

And so he sent out troops to track down the new baby.

Mary, Joseph and Jesus however managed to escape to Egypt.

Like some people living on earth today, they fled to another land because it was no longer safe for them to remain where they were.

Thankfully they were able to find sanctuary.

They only returned back to their homeland, Nazareth, later on when King Herod had passed away.

In the days leading up to Christmas I feel sure that you will have a lot to do – spending time with family and friends; preparing food; and generally having an enjoyable time.

Hopefully though there will be room in your busy schedule to think about the One whose birth we are celebrating and thanking God for His great gift to us.