Thought for the Week with Rev. Ian McLachlan

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Do you enjoy doing crosswords? I know that there are many people who would say that one of their hobbies was completing crosswords.

Sometimes people buy a whole book of crosswords and complete them one by one. Others buy a particular newspaper for the crossword. Why do people enjoy doing them? Some people might say that they feel that it keeps their brains active. Others might say that when they are faced with a number of empty boxes they like nothing more than completing them as they see them as a challenge.

However it can be rather frustrating if you manage to complete the entire crossword apart from one or two clues. However there is always another one to complete! One of the things about crosswords is that words do not stand alone. Once you have deciphered your first clue and written it down some of the letters that you have used should help you to solve other parts of the puzzle. One of the interesting things is how interconnected the crossword it.

One word connects to other words. A crossword would not work if all the words were completely separate. I see a crossword as something which illustrates human existence. All of us individuals have to connect with a whole variety of different people in the course of a week.

Most of these people, by the work they do, help us in some way or another. Few people can live without any human interaction at all. Hopefully this means that we appreciate all that other people do for us. It means that we need other people’s work. But other people need our work too. For the world He has made to function as it should, God needs each of us to be willing to support one another.